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Sharpo's famous mystery dinner theater show at Le Chene. Mystery, Comedy, Magic! Video produced by Andrew Enriquez. Starring Eric Sharp, Nora Sharp, Donald Gipson, Katt Balsan. Like us on Facebook! Please subscribe to our channel. Thanks!

When an ex-GI unexpectedly reconnects with his old flame, he becomes embroiled in a deadly scheme.

Eric Sharp doing 3 Card Monte Magic and Mischief at a Sharpo!® Mystery Dinner Show for Le Chene in Santa Clarita. This was just some quick grabbed video from a live show. I'll be posting some close up sleight of hand and mentalism routines here soon. Thanks for watching and please subscribe to our channel!

Eric Sharp talks about the famous Sharpo Mystery Parties in Los Angeles. " Sharpo here. Right now, at this very moment, a diabolical plot is hatching, someone is weaving a tangled web of deception. Devious minds are working overtime. Sharpo's highly acclaimed, interactive hit Mystery is a game as well as a show that puts you at the center of the action. It is personalized and customized and work with groups big and small. Sharpo is a long established entertainment company headquartered in Los Angeles, California. ``````````````` We bring Hollywood and Broadway Caliber entertainment to wherever you are celebrating. We can bring our self contained, audience participation events to any private banquet room, club room, train car , boat - we can even do our Mystery in your own home. Remember CSI means "Call Sharpo in." So call us for an evening of intrigue, suspense and laughter! Thanks for watching. Don't forget to subscribe.

Sharpo Murder Mystery Events Featuring Eric Sharp and Nora Sharp, Andrew Enriquez.

This is the title sequence for Canvas the Night directed by Andrew Enriquez. Art by DeeDee Henry and Music by Michael D. Henry. Starring Eric Sharp, Nora Sharp, Jason Reed, with Michael D. Henry, Al Taylor and a great cast! See the full cast list at Watch the movie now at Canvas the Night is a Sharpo Production

Sharpo! Murder Mysteries bring suspense, laughter, and intrigue to any event with Hollywood and Broadway professionals and devilishly clever scripts.

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Crime Scene Theater Video For Sharpo!

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