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Hi, I'm Eric Sharp.  I am a Magician Member of the Academy of Magical Arts at the Magic Castle in Hollywood.

I believe that the best magic experience must include these three elements:


  1. The Effects - Master Magicians  have to amaze.   They must demonstrate the experience, diligence and practice of the performer.  The work must be clean and seamless.  I can’t wait to show you my routines!

  2. The Showmanship - This has to be fun!  A Master Magician must be able to be truly entertaining from “Hello until well after the final bow.”  The patter matters!  I really can’t wait to show you!

  3. Passion.  I believe that Master Magicians possess a burning desire to share with the world their passion for the Craft and the sense of joy and wonder and laughter that it brings to others.   I can’t wait to share this with you.

Yes that is Sharpo as the Magician in great commercial for Harrah's Resort! The First Resort For Fun!

My highly interactive, audience participation magic explores these exciting themes: The magic of numbers - The magic of love - The mind is a powerful transmitter and receiver - We are all connected - We can create our own luck - Everything is energy - We can predict the future - Our decisions and the effects of our choices - Transforming our circumstances - Becoming a human magnet - - Body language speaks louder and clearer than words - Breaking free of preconceived notions - and of course lots and lots of laughs!

"Hi Eric, We want to thank you for providing the entertainment for Ashlee's 21st birthday party. You were terrific and Micah was outstanding! Everyone enjoyed the show very much. I'm sure there will be a lot of guests from the birthday party going to the Magic Castle. I will definitely refer you to my friends. Thank you again, Geniel & George Williams"

"Dear Eric & Company: Just wanted to send a quick (and slightly belated) note to say thank you for helping to make our company holiday party a fabulously successful event! You and Micah did an outstanding job; I don't think I've ever laughed so hard at a company holiday party before! Everyone had a great time and I received so many compliments afterwards about how wonderful the party was. Thank you so much for all your help to make our party a truly memorable event! Sharpo.Inc was a pleasure to work with from start to finish, and we will most definitely keep you in mind for future events." - Elizabeth Thompson, Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Senior Resource Group, LLC More Great Sharpo Reviews


The Magic of Sharpo

We offer Strolling Magic for cocktail parties and Parlor Magic for after dinner entertainment! Call us to discuss your event!

Sharpo!®  Rules of Magic

Hi, I'm Eric Sharp. Here are some lessons I have learned about magic and life. I would like to share them with you. If you like them, use them!

*Magic is a state of mind.

*Learn your Faro with an old crusty deck for two reasons: First, if you use a new deck you will turn it into a old crusty deck quickly as you practice. Second: If you can do a faro with an old deck then a perfect faro will come easier when you do pick up a new deck.

*Practice. It won't work at all in the beginning. Do it 1000 times but you will be see the impossible work long before that. Eventually the fingers and hands learn exactly how much pressure to apply to make a sleight work.

*Slow down and take each routine step by step and practice each step until your hands are numb or your brain hurts. Wreck the deck. (Please check with your doctor before applying this rule...if you get a repetitive motion injury remember this disclaimer!)

*Don't overlook self working tricks because fellow compeers may say they require no skill. The skill is the patter. The selling of the routine.

*...and Sell it you must! Being a great magician means being part snake oil salesman. Remember - Magic is a sweet deception...(Comedy is the ugly truth!)

*Simple tricks are fantastic and often new to spectators because other compeers dismiss them as too easy.

*Even if a spectator knows the secret, if you do it well you will impress him.

*If a spectator wants to show you a trick - LET HIM! First of all it shows you have a connection by your mutual love of magic. Secondly you may learn a new trick to show others. Third: If he is doing it wrong you could assist in some corrections so they can improve.

*Practice no less than 30 minutes every day and practice the tricks you are afraid to do in front of an audience. Eventually they will be so second nature and so easy for you you will step up and add them to your act.

*Throw old decks into old shoe boxes so you can create fun routines or make gimmick cards.


*Keep polishing old gems and creating new patter.

*If your routine is too complicated it won't seem magical. Make it accessible and easy enough that even if they are drunk they can still follow along.

*When you aren't doing something? Do something! Roll quarters across your knuckles or practice different palms.

*If you screw up a trick in front of a spectator, don't panic. Clear your mind and improvise or laugh it off and try again. Remember sacred alchemy. Turning lead into gold has specific steps and if it doesn't work - start over or go onto another trick.

*Don't take yourself too seriously.


*Believe in miracles.

*Don't reinvent the wheel Study, appreciate and respect those who came before you.

*Be ready to do 30 minutes with a borrowed deck.

*Do something besides card tricks.

*Be yourself - but the most magical version of yourself.

*Be kind. Never belittle or embarrass another compeer for their skill level or work. Help them if you can and remember that you both love magic.

*Always remember that our job is to entertain others. That is the most useful thing we can do with our gifts and talents. While we love what we do and our passion is huge - make it your business to share your passion and love and you will improve the lives of others.



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