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Sharpo Magic for Kids

I am proud to have received two certificates of appreciation from the City of Los Angeles for my shows for less advantaged kids.

I have programs available for children of all ages starring many great kid's comedy magicians!  We adapt each party and routine to be an age appropriate, comedy, magic show that both the parents and the children can enjoy.

"CBS Local LA says Sharpo!® is "Tons of fun!" Laughter, Magic and some Music too!

 I love magic and comedy and the laughter of children. They grow up so fast - Too fast - and they deserve the best fun on special days.  I'm a dad, believe me - I know.

Our Comedy Magic Show for kids is about an hour and starts with a musical entrance and pratfalls. The entrance is very important. Sometimes bigger is better and the kids are rolling in the isles right away. Other groups require a more gentle approach and we usually adjust the style after sizing up the crowd. Adaptability is the name of the game.

Once the crowd is warmed up and the guest of honor is made to feel like a million bucks, the magic begins! The children actively participate in each routine. Please watch the embedded youtube video to get an idea of the style of the show and the response of the kids. The show goes fast and the time flies by and the laughter is big!  The memories are unforgettable.

Please no groupslarger than 25 kids

3 years and up, please.

"Sharpo!® has entertained our children for their birthday parties on several occasions, and each time I was astonished by Mr. Sharp's extraordinary rapport with children, his deep reservoir of talent, and his vivid imagination. He made a lasting impression on both of our sons, and at their young age, everything they see will leave an indelible impression on them. We consider ourselves fortunate that Mr. Sharp has been so generous with his time, and gave our family such a magnificent treat when he came to share his glorious talent with us. Mr. Sharp is one of the most extraordinarily talented people I've ever had the privilege to enjoy, and the way he works and relates with children is truly a gift that must be shared with many. Our family can recommend him one hundred percent - he's is brilliant."- Reinhard Denke , Los Angeles, CA

"Thank you, Sharpo. I have never received such enthusiastic reviews from any other birthday party entertainment. Every single parent thanked me for Sharpo's incredible show as they were leaving the party. You are amazing!!" - Lisa Pinto, Beverly Hills, CA


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