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What is a Sharpo!®  Interactive  Murder Mystery?

Frame Someone You Love !  

Do you love a good mystery? Sharpo Murder Mysteries are challenging and fun interactive adventures.   Right now - As you read these words - A diabolical  mystery plot is hatching. Someone is weaving a tangled web of deception. Devious minds are working overtime. Intrigue, Suspense, Laughter... & Murder!

Sharpo Mystery PartiesSharpo! Murder Mystery parties are part show and part game where the participants can immerse themselves in the middle of a crime scene investigation facilitated by professional entertainers. All events are  customized and personalized and you and your guests are the stars of the show!

You are enjoying cocktails in a fine dining restaurant or in your own home - and then a diabolical murder occurs!

Almost immediately a police detective appears on the scene and starts asking questions.   Think fast. Do you even have an alibi?  Suddenly you are a prime suspect in a Sharpo!® Murder Mystery.  Only you can clear your name. Watch closely and listen carefully as the masterful mystery plot unfolds over a tantalizing three course dinner followed by your favorite dessert.  Can you follow the clues and avoid the red herrings to solve the mystery?  If you are successful you could win a grand prize.  If not, you could be spending some time behind bars.  

Armed with a devilishly clever mystery script, a unique edgy comedy shtick, and the impeccable timing that comes from thousands of performances, Sharpo, mystery detective, keeps the crowd in stitches and on the edge of their seats. Sharpo's action-packed Murder Mystery starts with a bang (and a body)and then moves along at a fast, furious pace. Sharpo's Murder Mystery includes plenty of twists and turns along the way. Suspense builds as our detective interrogates the guests. His masterful manipulations often result in spontaneous, hysterical laughter. Guests have an opportunity to solve the mystery and win an unusual prize. In a dramatic climax the truth is revealed. The killers are exposed and taken away.        
Nora Noir Sharpo

Roaring Twenties Murder Mystery
                Roaring Twenties Party


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