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Sharpo! Entertainment Productions is headquartered in Los Angeles.  We create high impact entertainment!  We bring intractive mystery, comedy and magic to your most important celebrations.  

Other companies boast that they are the largest producers of audience participation theater in the USA. We boast the opposite. We are happily a small company. This way we can devote our full energies to each event and party and make sure it is a smashing success. Whether you have 10 guests gathering for a dinner party or 1000 guests at your convention we will always make your party our top priority.

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Eric Sharp, Master of Mystery has produced and performed in thousands of events since 1989 and is one of the foremost authorities on interactive live entertainment. Eric is also a noted Hollywood character actor co-starring on several primetime network television programs and has appeared in feature films.

Eric Sharp Interviewed on the Thriving Life Club

Interview on Thriving Life Club

Nora Sharp, is a producer, writer and actress on the dynamic Sharpo team. She brings warmth, beauty, and authenticity to shows by preparing shows and props behind the scenes as well as live performances throughout the country. Nora has a passion for medical science and contributes her experience as a critical care nurse to provide information and research to the Sharpo "Forensic Crime Lab." 

Eric and Nora

Comedy Trial by Jury

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